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The health and safety of Loyola's study-abroad students is our top priority. We carefully monitor global situations that might affect students' safety abroad, selecting and reviewing program sites accordingly.

Loyola adheres to an approach of "shared responsibility" for health and safety issues, meaning that responsibility for each program participant's health and safety is shared by several people. Each study-abroad student ultimately carries most of the responsibility for his/her behavior, but parents, guardians and families can play a significant role in a student's health and safety during the study-abroad experience by helping him/her make sound decisions while abroad.

The Office for International Programs (OIP) requires all Loyola students studying abroad to purchase Loyola's CISI international health and emergency services insurance plan.  Details regarding the plan, its coverage and instructions on enrolling can be viewed at Loyola's Global Travel Center.  Information on how students can best utilize this plan while abroad are covered at the mandatory OIP health and safety pre-depature orientation all students attend before leaving for their respective programs.

Loyola also provides study-abroad students with a wallet-size "Emergency Contact Card," which they will be instructed to carry with them at all times. This card contains contact information for Loyola and for the student's school or program provider abroad.

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Online Resources

U.S. Government Resources on Health and Safety:

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Parts of this web page taken from original materials prepared for use at the University of Colorado at Boulder in March 2003. Reprinted with permission.


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