Notes for 2014 Session Organizers and Chairs

As we prepare for a successful meeting in Detroit, Michigan, please consider the following:

Session Formats

MMLA sessions can now be given over to discussion of papers OR oral delivery of papers. On the Program Information Form, you can indicate which format you prefer. Keep in mind that if you choose the Association's traditional format, in which the session consists of discussion rather than a reading of the papers, all of your session's papers should be distributed in advance to convention registrants. To enable their preparation in October, the papers must reach the MMLA office by October 1st. It is your responsibility to let your panelists know if they need to send their papers in advance. If you plan to devote your session to oral delivery of the papers, the papers will not be distributed in advance and should not be sent to the M/MLA office.

Audiovisual Equipment

Audio-Visual Equipment requests are due July 1st. The Program Information Form includes a space to request audio-visual equipment. Rental agreements for audio-visual equipment must be signed months in advance, and any late requests for audio-visual equipment incur hefty fees. For that reason, the cost of last-minute requests will be the responsibility of the session organizer. To avoid these costs, please submit your audio-visual requests on the Program Information Form in a timely fashion.

Presenting in Multiple Sessions

Participation in the MMLA Annual Convention is limited to two sessions. This applies to authors, respondents, chairs, and secretaries. Please confirm with your panelists and officers that they will not be participating in more than one session other than your own.

Responding to Submissions

Please respond in a timely fashion to everyone who submitted a paper proposal. Over the years, members have complained that they were never contacted by coordinators at all.

Inform us of any changes to your session as soon as you become aware of them. The convention program should be as accurate as we can make it.

Multiple Panels

Interested in a double session? If you decide that you would like to accept enough papers to fill more than one session, please check with the MMLA office to see if additional space is available. When additional space is available, we assign it to chairs on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to include subtopics in the program for your multiple sessions, please include that information when you submit your Program Information Form.

Communicating with Presenters

We rely on you to keep your panelists informed. In particular, we appreciate your willingness to let your panelists know about the membership and registration details so that they all meet the deadlines. Membership and Pre-Registration forms and fees should be in the mail by July 1st. Thank you for your help with this.

Many thanks for all of your hard work. It is a pleasure to work with the organizers each year. Please write to if you have questions at any point.

Presenting Papers in Absentia

Authors are not allowed to have other individuals present their papers at the convention in the author's absence. All authors are expected to deliver their papers in-person at the convention.