Past Issues

Fall 2000/Winter 2001; Volume 33, Number 3/ Volume 34, Number 1

Preface: Witness: The Real, The Unspeakable, and the Construction of Narrative

Susana Cavallo

Testimony, Menchú, Me and You

Marc Zimmerman

Counterweights and Comebacks

Fred Marchant

A Bilingual Reading of Poems by Claribel Alegría

Claribel Alegría

Presentation by Nawal El Saadawi

Nawal El Saadawi

Rigoberta Menchú, the Academy, and the U.S. Mainstream Press: The Controversy Surrounding Guatemala's 1992 Nobel Peace Laureate

Linda J. Craft

The Blindfolded (Eye)witness in Alicia Partnoy's The Little School

Louise A. Detwiler

"Memory Also Makes a Chain": The Performance of Absense in Griselda Gambaro's Antigona Furiosa

Annette Wannamaker

Slavery and Silence in Ina Césaire's Mémoires d'Isles and Dennis Scott's An Echo in the Bone

Valérie Bada

Desertions: Paul Auster, Edmond Jabès, and the Writing of Auschwitz

Josh Cohen

Still Breathing: Sarah Kofman's Memoires of Holocaust Survival

Eilene Hoft-March

"Blot out the Name of Amalek": Memory and Forgetting in the Fragments Controversy

Michael Bernard-Donals

Envisioning the Jewish Community in Children's Literature: Maurice Sendak and Isaac Singer

Jill P. May

The War Poetry of Lucien Stryk

Susan Azar Porterfield

Germans in the Orchards: Post-World War II Letters from Ex-POW Agricultural Workers to a Midwestern Farmer

Lauren Hahn

Trespassing Native Ground: American Indian Studies and Problems of Non-Native Work

Deirdre Keenan